/ It’s okay to say you’re not okay
September 13, 2018


It’s okay to say
You’re not okay.

When life’s a raceway,
Or you want to hideaway

It could be your DNA,
Or time for a holiday.

You may have forgotten to play
Or lost your way.

When you feel the world weigh,
Sometimes it’s hard to see past today.

There’s no need to downplay
If you’re feeling in disarray.

It’s okay to say,
You’re not okay.

Before you run away,
Meet me in a café.

I will always make way,
And never slip away.

I won’t write an essay
But I am here for you every day.

It isn’t cliché
To ask, R U OK?

If you’re not okay,
Don’t keep it at bay,

It’s okay to say,
You’re not okay.

About the author:

Julie Freeman is a pocket rocket who hails from the Sydney’s Upper North Shore. She’s a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach & Group Exercise Instructor studying towards her Certificate IV in Fitness while learning from her husband Daniel, who runs Freeman’s Fitness Training Studio in Hornsby. It’s her mission to open space for more women to dive deeper into their fitness journeys and experience the courage within. When she’s not in the gym, you may find her outside hiking mountains or volunteer firefighting. Read more about Julie and Soulful Fitness at www.juliefreeman.com.au/about

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