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The Healthy Shift ProgramIt's time to take your health into your own hands.

When are you going to FEEL like yourself again?

Do you feel bouts of stress, exhaustion, fatigue, even digestive issues, and a total restless inability to truly switch off from the ‘always-on’ world around you?

You might not know where to turn to next, but something brought you here.

Feel free to read my story but I want to let you know that I have been there and you’re not alone!

While it feels like you have to keep everything in motion, it is time to take a step back.


That’s where the Healthy Shift comes in.


My 28 day program is an introduction to the life of your healthy dreams.

Perhaps one of the most important steps we miss out on when we’re go-go-go and trying to fit into the box we’ve been given, is to take a step back.

We don’t see the big picture when we’re lost in auto-pilot.

Do you know your own vision for your life?

What is the foundation that you’d like to live from?

That’s where we get started.

From there, we’ll work through healing your relationship with your food as well as your body. Because I know myself how hard it is, to feel all the icky feels and wonder when healthy went out the door!

At the heart of it all, we work to break through your barriers to exercise and TAKE ACTION.

We create healthy habits and lifestyle with ease. Though that’s not to say without hard work.

We have all the information in the world, but that’s not doing its job…

By taking action for our health, big things can happen.

It’s possible for each of us to live our best lives, feel our best selves, and pass the good juju on to create a dominoes effect. Because we can’t serve as well as when we make that healthy shift.

And when we do, oh boy!

Wouldn’t you like:

Less brain fog.

Deeper sleep.

To eat (almost) whatever you like, without stacking on the weight.

To confidently be rockin’ in your skin.

To increase your energy to do the things you love (and smash those personal goals!).

To feel less guilt and fear around your health.

To find purpose in your life?

That sounds pretty nice to me and, though I won’t be hand-holding or expecting you to follow every word that I mutter, I’m here to prompt, listen, engage, and encourage you in your health shift.

If you’re ready to start health-shifting with me, let’s get moving.


I am grateful you’re here. Welcome, soul sister.


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