Soulful Fitness for Women

Welcome to my hub of Soulful Fitness for Women!

If you want to celebrate health as a way of living and being – without the obsessive tracking, diets, hustle and bustle, unsustainable choices, or “fitspiration” – you’re in the right place.

We focus on sustainable, long term and slow but full food, fitness and living.

We’re about whole foods, sustainable fitness and long term health and joy with real world impact.

We see many women and men suffering and we created this space to deepen our journey and relationship with food, bodies, minds, habits, and healthier lifestyles – which do not starve the body, mind or spirit in any way shape or form.

We see health as WHOLE-istic: a whole body-mind-spirit experience; not one without the other, but the whole to be nurtured.

There’s great wisdom found in tuning into our bodies and minds, our intuition, and our values, actions and visions for our lives, and we’re here to facilitate. Starting here, with holistic health and mindset first, we make life shift.

It’s not just body positivity, it’s every piece – it’s whole being positivity. We’re not imperfect, we’re human. And we love that.

We don’t have all the answers, but we agree to seek, question, learn, grow, work, evolve, and give as we dive in.

We embrace uncertainty and our diverse experiences of this beautiful life.


The journey here…

…in the middle of the night, Miss Clavel turned on her light and said “Something is not right!”

In 2014, something was quite wrong.

Most of my life, I’d been healthy, bar a rebellious relationship with junk food I developed in my teen years when I wasn’t my healthiest. In 2009, I dropped the crap and lost 10kgs. With the help of my now husband Daniel Freeman, I became fitter than I’d been all my life and built a stronger foundation. I saw the positive impact it was having on me (I finally loved my butt and felt confident in my skin), which made 2014 a harder hit. “Wasn’t I healthier than ever!?”

In late 2014, I started a journey into deep malaise. I experienced what I call my dark ages. I had constant bloatedness, fatigue, aches, dizziness, and sickness that made work agonising and social events something I avoided. I would drive home from work wishing I could snap my fingers and arrive in my bed, so that I didn’t have to experience the pain any longer. I had brain fog that made everything harder than it had to be, and soon enough I started experiencing panic attacks, which I couldn’t remember ever having before.

I sought help, with question marks hanging over my head for a year plus afterwards. Test results came back without as much as a smidge of sickness in sight, which only confounded me more. The only diagnosis I could understand was ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)’

Having read about food issues for years, in 2015 I was led by Daniel to approach a real food nutritionist who specialised in food sensitivities. I realised that I wasn’t listening to my body’s messages even though they were painting a clear enough picture for me. I was fighting every symptom my body threw at me (see ‘Feel like your body is failing you?‘). The fact that I thought it was against me was a part of the puzzle.

My nutritionist gave me the tools to start the journey to accepting my reality: I had food sensitivities coupled with chronic stress and it was time to heal my gut starting by introducing life-changing low FODMAP foods (I hesitate to say ‘diet’).

Without a history of any of this, it surprised me, but something, at last, started being right.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anais Nin

Working with my nutritionist was just the beginning of my healing journey.

In late 2016, I finally felt like myself again – I was jumping off the walls (most of the time…) – and it didn’t just happen by getting the body right and questioning health as I knew it. I had to go ALL IN: readjusting the fuel I was feeding my body, mind, and spirit.

With some hard yakka, I freed myself of most digestive issues and malaise. I put together the pieces I knew were missing with the help of experts. I drank bone broth and probiotics. I worked with a body worker, to shift my body and creativity blocks (helping to end a SEVEN YEAR LONG creative drought!). I spoke with counsellors, spent time outdoors hiking and time alone, shifted jobs and locations, dived into what scared me, and made meditation, art and writing daily, or at least weekly, essentials – all the while stitching together a powerful toolbox I now have before me.

Bit by bit I learnt I was never broken into the shards I thought I was, but this process would take time – and would give me the gift of empathy, understanding and a heightened passion to share my journey and the wisdom I’ve gained with anyone searching for it.

I don’t claim to have the answers to all health troubles. Like you, I am navigating my way and I am grateful to be able to share my story and, with it, my learnings thanks to the healers in my life. It would be a shame not to – as my hope is that I will be able to inspire something in you.

We’re not minds in isolation of our bodies, or bodies in isolation of our minds. Nor are we spirits living in isolation of our minds or bodies. We’re living, sentient beings connected to others and we need every piece because nothing is in isolation. Connected, we thrive.


A little more about me…

Something that means more to me than my labels is my impact on your journey.

I am passionate about giving you some tools to live your healthiest, strongest life with courage and power. There’s nothing quite like a perspective that makes your head tilt and your lights come on. It’s not just you that benefits. I know the positive changes that you as an individual can create for your loved ones, families, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, even your barista. You have the power to make a difference in your own life, and many others. But it has to start with you.

As a nurturer by nature, this feels like my mission. I genuinely care. I am your pocket rocket compadre who listens and loves to experience the courage within you.

After taking the journey to heal my mind and body, it’s my mission to share my voice and open space for you to start or dive deeper into your own.

I know anxiety, depression, stress, digestive issues, body pangs, and the pressures of our world because I’ve been there. I’m in it now. And though I feel on top of the world some days, I am still in the trenches with you. That only enhances my confidence in the importance of wholefoods and sustainable health choices. I chose this life for many good reasons. We each have an enormous impact on our world, and though that can at times be confronting, my desire is to share just how beautiful it really is.

I love to see you light up, because we need more of that in our world.

If you asked me “who” I am, I wouldn’t know what label to give you.

I am a multi-passionate pocket rocket with a big heart based on Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

While I’m no sports aficionado, I love my hikes and strength training, and I couldn’t imagine how dull my life would be had I not learnt that exercise isn’t boring when you lift weights!

I’m a First-Class Media Honours graduate who has been restlessly observing the fitness industry from behind the desk since 2014. I’ve seen my husband Daniel Freeman build his fitness business Freeman’s Fitness from a small studio in his parent’s garage, to a personal training facility in Hornsby, and I helped launch his book ‘Fit for Life’ in 2018. In 2017, I finally worked up the courage to become a fitness coach myself.

I am a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach, Group Exercise Instructor and Cert IV in Fitness (PT) student. In April 2018, I started work experience with Unearthed Vitality, which confirmed my passion for opening sacred space for women to dive deeper into their fitness journeys.

Having been through the mill healing my own IBS, chronic stress and anxiety, I’m endlessly grateful for the changes I’ve made approaching fitness holistically, with the best coaches in Australia.

I have lived by the bush all my life and draw inspiration from nature in all that I do, from hiking, volunteer firefighting, writing, photography, drawing, spending time with people, and more.

BA(Hons) in Media, Provide First Aid, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach, WWCC, Group Exercise Instructor, RFS Advanced Firefighter.