How I discovered weight training

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (well actually, just around the corner), a little girl named Bub lived by the bush with her big brother Boss.

One day, Boss decided to recruit Bub in a master plan.

When their mother wasn’t looking and he knew no one was home, Boss took Bub to their neighbour’s house and showed her the bounty of treasure he had discovered…

“We can’t steal these!” she said with a frown.

Although they were quite something, little to Bub’s delight, she would soon become a part of her brother’s master plan.

When the day came to steal the golden treasure, Boss carefully said to Bub. “Listen. When mum is in the kitchen, we’ll head over to the neighbour’s house,” he said. “And you help me bring the treasures over the fence and back to our garden, here, where no one will find it.”

Many times during their robbery, Bub jumped at any sound and looked to her brother to abort mission but he didn’t budge.

As the sun set and most the treasures had been placed in their garden, Bub heard their mum calling for dinner. Not only was she calling them for dinner, but she had come outside.

Bub panicked, “What if Mum finds out that we STOLE these!” But Boss just shook his head and continued to work, leaving Bub frantic to get back over the fence.

Even though all the treasures were not yet in their garden, she quickly climbed over the fence to their house, leaving Boss to get in trouble (because it wasn’t her idea!)

But just in the nick of time, Boss made it back.

Until one day, when Mum discovered the hidden treasures.

“Do you know who these belong to and how they arrived in our garden?” she asked Boss and Bub.

“No,” both Boss and Bub said, shaking their heads.

“That’s odd,” she said.

Soon enough, Mum went over to the neighbours’ houses to see who owned these strange treasures and why on earth they were in her garden… Bub sat biting her nails, but all their neighbours were none the wiser.

Except the neighbour who’s treasure who had been stolen, who said nothing except, “Don’t need ‘em.”

“I guess you can have them,” Mum said to Boss and Bub.

Boss looked at Bub and they quickly ran out to the garden to the place where rested their golden dumbbells, the silver barbell and a few more treasures for Boss’s first home gym.

And that, my friends, is how Bub first discovered weight training.