My Radical Self Care Story

My stairway to heaven…

In February I embarked on a journey I wanted but didn’t realise how much I needed.

After an unexpected turn of events in November last year (and a few big years of shifts) and months of crippling self-doubt, it was clear in February that I was continuing to harbour strong anxiety inside me. It was showing in things like chest tightness and stress, digestive issues, an inability to concentrate, and beyond. I would often wake up with a sinking feeling of failure before I had even begun my days.

I knew I needed meditation and self care but I was stubbornly refusing to listen to my cues.

On the brink of burnout, I began a 28 day Radical Self Care Project.

Sydney yoga teacher, yogapreneur and yoga mama Kate Alexandra (@K8alexandrayoga) guided a beautiful group of women and myself through soul-nourishing self-care prompts, lessons and stories.

Each day of meditation and journalling helped to put a new fire in my heart and calm in my belly. I had begun a journey like this long before, but this was different. Connecting with other women and meditating to the serene spirit of Kate transported me to the place I needed to be and helped me to detach myself from my thoughts that, uncontrolled, spun around my mind like bees and distracted my peace.

I am blessed to say that I haven’t experienced anxiety like it since.

Any time I feel the pain of stress or the anxious tightness in my chest, I seek out Kate’s otherwordly meditations, like the yoga nidra that helped me surrender and come back home.

I still have moments of anxiety but I know that I can come back to this anytime.

I deeply care about our physical wellbeing (and I’ll talk about that more soon), but our emotional and spiritual health are equally entwined with creating our ultimate body, mind, spirit equilibrium.

Us women, we’re blessed to have beautiful guides like Kate in our world and I share my journey in hopes that it may inspire you to celebrate and support the launch of Kate’s Radical Self Journal. To support not only Kate but to dive deep into your own self-care practice, go to

We need your courage and compassion, so let’s bring this baby into the universe.

To find out more about Kate, go to my podcast with Kate during the Radical Self Care Project in Feb.

Do you feel you’re not good enough?

I hope you don’t mind me getting this off my chest but…

You do not need make up or eyelash tints to look beautiful.
You do not need to lose a million kilos to be loveable.
You do not need to starve yourself to be good enough.
You do not need tanned skin to be noticed.
You do not need a “toned” body to be desirable.
You do not need to be stylish to be valued.

You are beautiful and exquisite as you are.

I hate to see you putting yourself down but I’ve been there.

Whatever “it” is that you chose to pick on – whether it’s a blemish, birthmark, eyebrow, hair, bum, tummy, legs, face, nose, height, skin, weight, figure – is a unique part of you: a unique human, living organism and expression of your genes, epigenetics, environment, nutrition, hormones, personal and world histories, families, ancestry, psychology, interests, passions, food, your habits, choices, and life stories… ad infintum.

Isn’t that pretty special in itself?

Many products marketed in the beauty and fitness industries imply that you LACK something or that you’re made up of IMPERFECTIONS that need to be fixed, when that’s not true.

They do not teach you to fundamentally value YOU.
They do not help you explore what makes you UNIQUE.

But I know someone who can.

Through strength training, nutrition and personal development, I’ve never been taught what I lack. Instead, I’ve been taught self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-confidence, and self-expansion.

Instead of focusing on a certain way I want my body to look, my trainer taught me to focus on building my strength.

Instead of focusing on my inadequacies, my trainer taught me that my body could do far more than I ever imagined.

Instead of focusing on being “beautiful”, my trainer taught me to concentrate on my health, nutrition and happiness first.

The guy who helped me with all of this?

His name is Daniel Freeman.

My PT opened me to this world, and he can open it to you too.

Train with (either of) us!

Freeman’s Fitness Training Studio – Hornsby.

When darkness turns to light

When life doesn’t feel like a gift, do not give up.

Too many of us suffer alone in the deafening silences of mental illness and other debilitating ailments.

I see it often and I am sorry if that’s you.

But please know…

You are strong.
You are beautiful.
You are brave.
You are kind.
You are funny.
You are learning.
You are worthy.
You are important.
You are loved.
You are valued.
You are smart.
You are courageous.
You are light.
You may even be sexy.

In all, you are a gift. Maybe it’s time you knew it.

If you’re suffering, I hope you’ll make a step to talk to someone and seek guidance.
Healing is within reach. It is possible.

Know it is not at all shameful to ask for help or to admit something’s up. It is an act of courage.

We are human. Not machines. Connection’s an innate desire and driver for us all…

And though it mightn’t seem like much, there’s a fiesty five foot zero lady (this weirdo) ready to fight by your side, at least in spirit. ?

That is my promise.

If not, I will do my best to find a better warrior to fight with you; even the warrior within. It’s there.

If nothing else makes sense including my ramblings, I just want to send my love out to you and hugs if you like those.

Or I ask my human kindred spirits to do something kind for anyone they encounter today, tomorrow or any day, because we simply do not know each other’s battles.

I can’t fix anything. I can’t change the darkness. I can’t always deal with my own. I can’t light the way but there’s possibility in you.

I have hope. Take some.

Take care of you.

Or give me a call for a cuppa on me ☕