Merry Christmas

As most of us wind down for the year, it’s important to take stock and remember how far we’ve come this year.

This year I finished my Nutrition Coaching Certification with Precision Nutrition, I launched my website and started my Cert III and IV in Fitness…

In other words I made a decision to give the fitness path a red hot go.

I studied Media at university and I’ve been in marketing and social media roles ever since…  which, on the surface, may appear counter to my new “direction” in fitness but I don’t really know that it is.

Fitness and health impact every area of our lives but more than that communication, media, marketing, and social media, are all so connected to everything that we do now that I am grateful to have had the experience in that industry at all (as much as I need to get away from the computer).

Each day we’re given the opportunity to change someone’s life and I’ve decided that one of my next steps is to put my thoughts into a book to try and both articulate what I’ve learnt so far and hopefully guide others into this realm.

Many times I’ve felt that I am not good enough or experienced enough to write a book or to train others, but I remember that we are all beginners at some point and I would be doing a disservice to myself and others if I were not to use my skills and my passion AND my unique experience – working behind the scenes with my husband’s gyms and caring about fitness for many more years than it’s taken me to start studying it – and I know it’s time to embrace the power of communication, because that’s how transformation occurs.

If you’d like to train with either my husband or myself in the new year, please click here and we’ll be in touch to see if we’re a good fit.

Before I sign out for the year, I just want to let you know how grateful I am for your endless support, love and passion. It’s truly a blessing to have people who care about this mission as much as I do and to share my love for moving  bodies and coming home in a world that dares us to disconnect.

Christmas can be a hard time for many and if that’s the case for you, I send you warmth and love. For me, it’s a beautiful time of year and I feel deep gratitude for all the lessons and experiences of a year that’s soon to come to an end.

Merry Christmas (or rather, Merry Fitmas!) and may you and your loved ones have a happy, blessed, prosperous, and healthy new year. Thank you again.

With love,