Face the Flames, Step into Your Power in 2018

A little like life… 🔥

It is funny, the tale or metaphor this picture tells.

In this photo, you may see a bush submerged in flames and smoke; a chaotic, suffocating or dangerous environment without reprieve.

Or you may look a little closer.

If I hadn’t made the decision and walked where I did to take this photo, I too would have stayed in there, eating smoke and feeling fairly uncomfortable (cue sting-y eyes and ash in my face), wondering at times whether I would find relief. Instead, I found burnt country where smoke wasn’t engulfing me and felt the serene breeze and somewhat fresh air in my face, enabling me to take off my mask and goggles and look at the beautiful blue sky with freed airways, just a few steps away from the smoke.

Right now, some things feel like the situation the truck is in, where it’s hard to see the forest for trees sometimes, but I am doing my best to stand outside it, look at the situation and realise relief is just meters away from me at all times. And work to make it happen. My reprieve is here with me; my spirit gives me calm.

It’s like managing a panic attack, a child’s tantrum, an emotion, a fire, a death, depression, an argument, an artwork, sickness, weight loss, anything that’s pushing your spirit even if it’s joy!… It’s like many challenges you face. Any time resistance pops up, take a breath. It doesn’t mean the thing has any less meaning or that it doesn’t need your attention. More than likely it does.

But if there’s anything firefighting – and many experiences – has taught me, it’s to step outside to gain perspective to face the challenge and come out on the other side.

Relief or success or happiness or light or whatever you really need may be just a few more steps away.

Look around you. Move. Never give up.

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