Why the F$%@ Does She Care About Fitness?

I don’t want to be the same voice you hear over and over…

Telling you the things you already know…


I want to dig deeper.

So let’s.

Did you know I used to hate exercise and I wore my sedentary lifestyle like a badge of honour?

I’d laugh at anyone who thought it was a good idea (I’m a nice person, see?).

Who were these “fit chicks” and muscled-up men, who thought they knew everything there was about the meaning of life because they went to the gym or ate healthy food?



That was just SURFACE level mumbo-jumbo anyway…

The things that seemed funny to me were people bragging about their uber weight lifting stats or one of their 100th shot of themselves naked for all to see… believing that was authentic or cool.

(So much has changed! NOT!)

And while some of it still makes me laugh, even if some of it IS surface level mumbo-jumbo, what I didn’t realise then was that it wasn’t necessarily THEM that disturbed me. It was ME. wasn’t taking responsibility for something deeper… something tangled in FEAR and RESISTANCE.

I was one of the lucky ones, because my body got angry at me.

Things began to unravel in front of me.

Basically, I was not completely ill but I was not well either.

I was in this limbo and it was if the culture was telling me that was just the way things had to be.

I was excessively self-conscious when I was a teenager until a couple of years into university. I was squishier than I am now. I lost my breath countless times trying to keep up with my mates on hikes (or even just walking on the road). I remember feeling the emotions of the rainbow, partly from eating blocks of chocolates and downing 11 coffees at a time trying to finish assignments while burning the midnight oil night after night.

I started getting infections more often. I felt sick, lethargic, listless, fat, unhappy, trapped…

Something wasn’t right but who had TIME for exercise? Who had the MONEY for the gym?


That wasn’t me.

I was the nerd-non-sporty-chick, not the ripped barbie.

At that age you could have told me ANY part of my body and I could have told you why I hated it. I had pimples. I ate junk that made me bloat (but it wasn’t the junk that made me sick, yeah?!) and I am SURE my adrenals were fairly out of whack – my fault, not anyone else’s – and my mental health suffered.

So much for a one-person rebellion…

What exactly was I rebelling against?

The system?

The gym-rats?

The healthy food?

A little. But more than that, I was rebelling against my truth.

I was fighting to stay SMALL (and no I can’t change the fact I’m 5″).

I second-guessed myself and fought to keep my self-doubt on me like chains.

But something inside me fought to free me from that.

And I am hopelessly grateful it did.

In 2009, I felt something start to shift.

Instead of staying home because I didn’t want to exercise, for fear of turning beetroot red or not being able to keep up, I started moving. I started eating more veggies and less junk foods. I lost 10kgs too.

I distinctly remember a hike, which woke me from my slumber. I remember watching my now-husband Daniel charging up the mountains and looking vibrant and healthy.

I finally felt GOOD moving my body and just as something was shifting in me, his presence inspired me.

He gave me the confidence to step into the gym.

And once I started lifting weights…

I wanted in.

I wanted to say goodbye to the excuses.

I wanted to say goodbye to being left behind, out of breath, incapacitated…

I would only be young once after all…

So it was time to surrender to the journey to fitness. ‘YOLO’ we would now say.

The simple act of stepping into the weights room was the catalyst for transformation.

And I’ll never look back.


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The reasons you can’t are the reasons you must

Have you ever caught yourself saying…

“I can’t afford to eat healthily.”

“I don’t have the time to exercise.”

“I can’t because of my family.”

“I won’t get results because I haven’t before.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“My pain will get worse if I hurt myself.”

“I need more information about health first.”

“I don’t trust the health or fitness industry because they let me down and I already tried X, Y and Z but I’m back to square 1.”

“I can’t now because {INSERT HERE}…

… Maybe tomorrow.”

We all do it.

I catch myself making excuses all the time.



You can’t afford to put your health off until tomorrow.

You’ve lived a life in pain long enough.

But let me tell you, you can’t do this alone.

One day, Daniel cut through my BS for me.

He almost didn’t have to say anything at all, except BE himself.

His glorious self, standing strong in his choices.

I can barely describe what he evoked within me… but he led me down a path I’m glad to walk.

I stopped making excuses for not exercising.

I stopped making excuses for not eating the foods that served me.

I stopped staring at my body in anguish.

His energy, presence and respect led me to want to give the same back – not just to others, but finally myself.

He accepted me as I am but taught me to dream bigger for myself.

To cut through my own BS…

And learn to accept myself as I am.

I started loving my body.

I started serving my mind.

That man gave me some of the greatest gifts of all…






Without the fluff.

He awoke a gratitude for the body I have and the ability to live bigger, happier, fitter.

His intense faith in me gave me a reason to try harder.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my body and mind were capable of so much more, even if I didn’t trust me or him.

And whether I believe it or not, he’s always right.

“The truth will set you free.”

What do you wish someone would show you?

If you need guidance to finally break through, I call you to step up.

PM Daniel Freeman or I right now to set up a chat to cut through the crap and set the foundations for lifelong success.

Not tomorrow or the next day. TODAY.

You’re worth it.

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