What is your reason to train? Here’s a snippet of mine

This time of life is MASSIVE.

I’m loving it.

Always a new challenge to face, a new adventure, a new season to adapt to, new people to love, new fears to face, new heights to rise to.

I’m sleepy but determined all at once.

This week’s been amazing…

In my new role at work, I’ve helped to project manage an office move of 2 organisations into 1 and an IT upgrade all at once.

While keeping my head… I think. Keeping friends too, I hope!

ANZAC Day balanced it out with a hike in the bush, time to relax and the opportunity to finish a painting and hang with my man!

P E A C E F U L.

F U L F I L L I N G.

On the side of that, I’ve been doing my fitness prac at Unearthed Vitality with one of the most beautiful trainers I’ve ever met…

Hence this picture.

She asked her squad to take a picture of their guns. To help keep them excited about their gains and all they’re achieving… to keep that ambition and determination. It’s fueling the fire in my belly! I feel so inspired to be a part of their squad as well as our own at Freeman’s Fitness Training Studio – Hornsby.

I’m surrounded by the best.

This is where my heart is.

The prac started a conversation with one of my new colleagues about why I go to the gym, why if I have no weight to lose?

Why would I want to “change you.”

My response…?

I don’t train to CHANGE me.

I don’t train to LOSE WEIGHT or because of inadequacies…

I go to feel STRONG.

I go to feel HAPPY. To keep my mind at peace…

To manage ALL THIS.

To manage my mental state…

To stay determined.

To keep ambition rising.

And balance all the chaos.

Without it, I am anxious… I am stressed.

I lose my drive without my training, without my hiking, without nutritious foods… I lose my happy and I lose me.

When I train, when I eat well…

I feel connected and strong.

I feel determined and driven.

I lose the anxiety.

And it’s because I want to live life to the full…

To lose the fear and live from a place of love instead.

As getting our home in order, learning to lead, and empowering ourselves to empower others it’s what it’s all about.

My colleague said she’s never heard anyone say they want to go to the gym just to be happy, to feel strong or to manage their mental state…

But hopefully it won’t be the last.

It’s time to change the way we look at fitness and our worth.

Something like that!

Keep diving deeper.