Watch out world – I’m a certified Group Exercise Instructor!!

This little duck is proud to announce she is now a certified Group Exercise Instructor!!

Dare I say watch out world!!

And here comes a wall of text…

Last night I dreamt about running a fitness training group session and froze when I had no idea what exercises I was running the group through as I had never heard of them before… may that never happen to me…

I am sure it tells me how much I care about doing this and guiding people right – and how much I have to look after myself to help others as much as I can. It’s been a rougher few months than usual so my focus in months to come will be to find my flow and in turn, hopefully, spread the message that perfection is never the goal; that we are human and that’s part of the beauty of being alive.

Fitness, for me, is about embracing life in all its beauty and chaos; about living with minimal guilt when things don’t go to plan and learning to accept we can only control so much. Yet planning for things to not go to plan. It is about finding our flow and freedom through discipline, and planning for contingencies because we will always be faced with the fairly unknown. That’s one of our only certainties.

When I look at my hands or my boobs or my eyes, I no longer see something I have to despise, to change or cover up necessarily, I see something that I am so lucky to have, I am so lucky to have it/them function as they do – and there’s nothing superficial that can change the worth or beauty of any of that. It is my job to care for those things, love them, embrace them and strengthen them. I think that’s one of the gifts of opening up to the world of real, no frills healthy living and fitness; it gives you the gifts you already have and more. It shows you a power you didn’t know you had and changes the world with a focus on fitness as a way of life, rather than of weight loss or inadequacy that we so often see in the fitness industry.

Strength and resilience are my goals and I will embrace them more again starting today.

Embrace love instead of fear.