Living our healthiest lives is so far from deprivation, it’s not funny.

“Just eat the cake…”

“Why don’t you have a slice…?”


When did cake, sweets, over-eating, or over-indulgence become major markers of living our fullest lives?

When did supporting local producers, movement and mobility, cooking at home, minimising waste, and eating quality get the backseat?

Far too often I see “healthy choices” being equated with deprivation and joylessness… and it baffles me.

I see many people being torn down by what can only remind me of tall-poppy syndrome…

We live in a world where junk is often the standard…

And it’s up to us to shift that.

If we only live once, wouldn’t we want to define what a rich life means to us, according to our values, and learn to find joy in eating or moving in a way that serves those values – especially if one of those is FAMILY or HEALTH?

Wouldn’t we want our choices to reflect our values?

Wouldn’t we want the highest quality food?

Wouldn’t we want to push ourselves to great heights?

Wouldn’t we hire the best trainers? Follow the best fitness program?

Wouldn’t we want to share joy that lasts?

“Life’s too short to not eat cake…”

“My grandfather ate cake and drank wine everyday and he lived until he was 94! See, there’s nothing wrong with it…”

Too quickly attitudes like these can lead us down the garden path. A little cake or sweets are fun, but when you look at how much sugar is in almost everything we now eat or drink, it’s important to rethink how we “YOLO.”

Treats quickly become life.

Life’s too short to eat junk consistently. Cake can be nice and if you put the right sweets in front of me, I’ll eat it guilt-free, but I will not attach myself to it because I know I’ll be living my happiest and fullest life without it.

Food is exciting whether it’s sweet or not.

Cake is not the marker of joy, we are.

After experiencing IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for a number of years now with great discomfort when it flares, I am conscious of the choices other people are making and why – and I try to be mindful in how I communicate my needs too, so that people see I’m still laughing.

Be mindful of what you’re communicating.

There’s a chance you’re talking to someone trying to wean themselves off junk food, recharge their mind or body, heal themselves, eat more, or prevent disease; to feel their best. The next time you say “just eat it, what’s the matter with you?” Remember, there’s nothing wrong with them and in fact, they could just be nursing one of the world’s fartiest tummies. So everyone benefits if we don’t aggravate that, trust me!

Living our healthiest lives is NOT deprivation.
Eating the best foods that we can is NOT joyless.
Moving our bodies is NOT a chore.


Each of these is necessary.

That’s my two cents (in a pudding).

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3 Things Volunteer Firefighting Has Taught Me

1. Never lose your sense of humour.

You’ll rarely lose your sense of perspective or sense of fun being with firefighters. There’s something truly special about this bunch of humans and I’ll always be grateful to them for their big hearts, as well as the crude jokes and wise cracks. You cannot have a big head in these situations and your pals will swiftly knock you out of a bad mood (or you, them).

2. You’re stronger than you think. Live strong.

It’s easy for the mind to cancel out, to tell you can’t do something, but you HAVE to be as competent as possible on the fireground and be humble while you learn everything you can. There’s no excuse to brush something off as an impossible task and you need to be as fit as a fiddle to handle it or otherwise be strong enough to delegate. A fire won’t wait for your self-talk or excuses for why you can’t scale a mountain! Be strong. Ask for help. Turn anxiety into excitement. You have to push past barriers and believe in yourself – and if you don’t think you can, there’s someone who does.

3. The fire service will change you.

When everyone else is fleeing a bushfire, we’re charging into it (with reasonable caution, trust me!)… and it’s a beautiful metaphor for facing challenges in life and taking care of each other. Each of us is fighting different battles. It’s important for us to look after each other, learn everything we can and look after the planet. I’m learning to communicate better, stay calm in stressful situations, and problem solve as a team… as lives count on it. Being in this service teaches a tremendous respect for Mother Nature, a greater appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit and the value of kindness that shines in this service and community.

I look forward to building these skills and using them in all that I do.

When the going gets tough, keep on truckin’.

Is it time to break up with make up?

Is it time to break up with make up?

It was around the time that I was fifteen that make up started to have a stranglehold on me.

I distinctly remember the moment I started to care what other people thought of me and began to feel insecure about the way I looked. One of the girls from my year gave me an eyeliner to ‘lift’ my eyes, when previously I had no concept that they needed it. For many years, I couldn’t leave the house without concealing my face with make up and it became a prison I lived in until recently.

These days, ‘ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat!’

Like Popeye says, ‘I yam what I yam.’

For some, make up is an art form and hobby, but for others, like me, it can become a prison we inhabit too easily and I am so grateful someone shook me from my slumber.

Some might say make up is liberating but when we’re trying to wear confidence with concealer or eyelash tinter, make up becomes one of the quickest ways to wear us down.

Without make up, my skin breathes, I spend less on beauty products, I halve my get-ready-time, I feel happy with my face, and I feel my sense of self-esteem breathes with it. No lip-lift or foundation can build me into the person I want to be, nor can it fill any gaps.

If you’d like to break free from the stranglehold that make up can have, then do it.

It might sound funny but one of the best ways to do so is to start weight training.

No, seriously.

When I focused more on pushing my body (and surprising myself with what my body could achieve), I felt strong, I felt bright, I felt empowered in a way that simply cannot be achieved with beauty products. My face cleared up and I felt clearer in myself.

I can now use make up without feeling like I’m ugly without it and I’m a firm believer that while it can be a nice tool, we need to focus on fitness first.

When we start to feel strong, when we transform our nutrition or surround ourselves with a tribe that lifts us from the soul-outwards, we will find the sense of the freedom so many of us seek.

But don’t forget…

Warts and all, you’re loved.

I’d love to see you feel strong in YOURSELF, as it’s such an amazing feeling when you do.

I think that’s what I’m trying to get across.

As Popeye says, be ‘Strong to the finish.’

Why you won’t find nudies here…

Why you won’t find nudies here…

Watching A Current Affair‘s segment on women + strength training got me thinking…

One of the most common ways to gain traction online and promote fitness messages or businesses, is to share half-nudies with abs and booties peaching out. Just check out JP Sears video: Hashtag #INSTAGRAMFAMOUS!! *

Butt (pun intended)… You won’t find that here, sorry.

The thing is, if I start showing my ass, I don’t want you to listen to me. I also don’t want to show my ass so that you will. I want you to learn to listen deep within YOU instead.

Think about just how confusing it is subconsciously… to see the half nudies of truly BEAUTIFUL women, with the messages that their method is “not” based on appearance and that they don’t adhere to an ideal… when their images tell a different story. While their message is nice, I know for me that scrolling my feeds with images like that does NOT nourish me and I start feeling hints of inadequacy.

What effect is it having on you?

My wish as a coach-in-training is to empower my tribe from the SOUL-OUTWARDS and genuinely promote the positive effects of strength-training, healthy lifestyles, and nutritious eating BEYOND the body and to see YOU as a WHOLE.

It doesn’t sound as damn sexy as it is…

But it damn well is, because it’s YOU.

While aesthetic results ARE a brilliant side-effect of efficient strength training for example, it’s still far too easy to fall into the trap of how your body should be or look – and for me, as the coach, to accidentally promote an unrealistic ideal!

I want to help you find what matters to YOU.

I LOVE to see you feeling EMPOWERED…


FREE from the mind’s shackles…

Or riding its waves like the surfer you can be!

I want you to see the incredible strength you have.

And as a result, connect with something extraordinary… whether it’s a gift you have, a career, a relationship, if not just the relationship you have with yourself.

You’re worth it.

Won’t you admire you?

I do.

While I am not currently advertising times to train with me while I finish my Personal Trainer course, message me if you can see yourself training with me in the near future or if you’d like to get started straight away, I know people. So get in touch. Email me at