Musings for Mothers Day

Until last year, I didn’t fully understand the depths and extents of the love and dreams a mother holds in her heart for her children, well before they are born.

I barely understood what it took to be a mother and how far a mother would go to love, protect her children, how much she would give, and everything she would do just to hold them and love them at any cost.

I didn’t realise just how much some of us yearn for new life, with so many of us having to practice such great surrender and patience for something beyond control. I didn’t know what many people went through to become a mother, and while I have a greater sensitivity to it now, especially now that I have worked more closely with mothers in the gym, I feel humbled, maybe slightly overwhelmed by the kindness, compassion and love shared with me by mothers even when I didn’t understand or should have known better.

To see a window into the tribe of mothers and the bounties that motherhood brings is a blessing beyond anything I can describe. My hope is that I will always, or at least learn, to love others as these mothers and my own, teach me to every day. My heart is warmed by the mother-tribe every day.

Thank you to all the mothers, my nephew, neice, mother tribes, my family and friends, my experiences of the last year and more, for humbling me, teaching me, and stirring a love I never knew was possible in me, for loving me as deeply as they do. There’s peace in my heart when I channel into that warmth.

I am grateful motherhood exists.

May, in my moments of weakness or anxiety, remember the kindness and calm that exists when I step into the love and the mother heart, for we are deeply connected to much more than ourselves. 


One of my mother’s bravest qualities is her kindness. She loves without condition and holds us in her heart with the most humble generosity and selfless grace that I’ve ever seen or felt.

Over the last year of working with mums, I’ve become more aware of not only how many sacrifices mothers make, the mountains of time spent pouring into us and building a life for us, but just how fiercely loving mothers truly are – and how empowering it is to be surrounded by women who care wildly.

It’s a gift.

Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day or it is a day of mourning for your family, my hope for you is that you will be totally engulfed in a love like my mum’s. Happy Mother’s Day, to all the earth mamas, mamas-to-be, dad-mums, grandmums, aunties, dog mums, step-mums, nurturing souls, and all mums. My warmest love and thoughts to all the angel mums and their families, and mums of angels and dreams. Happy Mother’s Day.

Fuck ‘Bouncing Back’: Taking Back Postpartum and Empowering Motherhood

‘Scuse my french for un moment, but can we just say FUCK “BOUNCING BACK”? ⠀

Constant speculation, scrupulous judgement and fear permeate the prenatal and postpartum period for so many mothers… taking the focus away from gratitude, healing and acceptance of herself and what her body has achieved or what it can do, and may instead lead her down the path of self-doubt, fear or anxiety.

Focusing solely on post-birth weight is counterproductive to returning new mothers to her “vitality” or strength. In fact it may instill more shame and halt healing. ⠀

Imagine if… ⠀
The body never returns to what it was pre-pregnancy…⠀
The maiden is now indeed a mother.⠀
Perhaps we need to reframe the extraordinary strength in this new way of being, rather than attaching ourselves to what once was.⠀

Too often these boxes cause more damage than they’re worth.

Let us not place so many assumptions on women to “bounce back” after babies, but instead encourage her with the knowledge that she can most definitely be the healthiest, strongest, most confident, or empowered version of herself post-birth but the version she envisions for herself or that society envisions for her may not match and there’s beauty in finding herself again, as a mother. Her way.⠀

Motherhood is the gateway between heaven and earth – there’s immense beauty in that transition, beyond losing the baby weight.⠀

It’s time to reframe ‘bouncing back…’⠀

My thoughts for new mama-bears today:⠀

May you be gentle with yourself post-birth, and⠀
Listen to your body and your needs.⠀
Why push yourself at the cost of healing?⠀
Dream bigger for the vitality you seek,⠀
Fit not into society’s boxes or even your own.⠀
Know that you are loved throughout this transition,⠀
No matter how your body has changed for new life.⠀
May you love and embrace it,⠀
For in that, there is strength.⠀
May you transition into motherhood,⠀
Focusing forward, not back.⠀
The life you’ve created is magic in the mess,⠀
And so are you.⠀

May new mothers go on a journey to finding renewed vitality and confidence, tune into their bodies and minds, beyond expectations or shame. ⠀

That’s when transformation and healing occurs.