Fuck ‘Bouncing Back’: Taking Back Postpartum and Empowering Motherhood

‘Scuse my french for un moment, but can we just say FUCK “BOUNCING BACK”? ⠀

Constant speculation, scrupulous judgement and fear permeate the prenatal and postpartum period for so many mothers… taking the focus away from gratitude, healing and acceptance of herself and what her body has achieved or what it can do, and may instead lead her down the path of self-doubt, fear or anxiety.

Focusing solely on post-birth weight is counterproductive to returning new mothers to her “vitality” or strength. In fact it may instill more shame and halt healing. ⠀

Imagine if… ⠀
The body never returns to what it was pre-pregnancy…⠀
The maiden is now indeed a mother.⠀
Perhaps we need to reframe the extraordinary strength in this new way of being, rather than attaching ourselves to what once was.⠀

Too often these boxes cause more damage than they’re worth.

Let us not place so many assumptions on women to “bounce back” after babies, but instead encourage her with the knowledge that she can most definitely be the healthiest, strongest, most confident, or empowered version of herself post-birth but the version she envisions for herself or that society envisions for her may not match and there’s beauty in finding herself again, as a mother. Her way.⠀

Motherhood is the gateway between heaven and earth – there’s immense beauty in that transition, beyond losing the baby weight.⠀

It’s time to reframe ‘bouncing back…’⠀

My thoughts for new mama-bears today:⠀

May you be gentle with yourself post-birth, and⠀
Listen to your body and your needs.⠀
Why push yourself at the cost of healing?⠀
Dream bigger for the vitality you seek,⠀
Fit not into society’s boxes or even your own.⠀
Know that you are loved throughout this transition,⠀
No matter how your body has changed for new life.⠀
May you love and embrace it,⠀
For in that, there is strength.⠀
May you transition into motherhood,⠀
Focusing forward, not back.⠀
The life you’ve created is magic in the mess,⠀
And so are you.⠀

May new mothers go on a journey to finding renewed vitality and confidence, tune into their bodies and minds, beyond expectations or shame. ⠀

That’s when transformation and healing occurs.

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