Alexx Stuart – Can One Person Make a Difference? 3 Ways our Health Choices Impact the Planet

Alexx Stuart – How Can One Person Make a Difference (While Having Fun)? 3 Ways our Health Choices Impact the Planet



In this episode, I speak with Alexx Stuart, Founder of the Low Tox Life.

I first met Alexx at a Christmas party she hosted in 2014 – and while her hospitality inspired me, that wasn’t the only thing that got my attention. I started devouring her personal blog (an empowered movement and soon-to-be Low Tox Life business) while making some life-changes of my own.

Her Low Tox Life community is now upwards of 53,000 people, with courses that’ve seen about 2,000 people go through.

Alexx is an educator, health coach and influential authority in this space. Alexx’s infectious passion for change is creating ripples in the world. She’s helping a movement of people to ditch the guilt and get excited about the choices they make – and to ultimately be “a part of a solution.” She’s often at the back of my mind when I am buying food or coffees, or taking reusable bags to the shops! I rarely wear make up now too.

If you’ve ever wondered – like I have many times before – how one person can make a difference, then I encourage you to listen to this episode with Alexx Stuart. She’s an example of just how powerful your voice and life can be.

“My life is my message.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

What is Low Tox Living?

I believe it’s impossible to live a completely chemical-free life (chemicals exist in everything including the air we breathe) and, in a nutshell, the aim of low tox living is to be more mindful of any chemicals or toxins that we consume that could be detrimental to our health or the health of our planet. The idea is to minimise both the consumption and production of harmful chemicals or toxins.

In this episode, Alexx talks more about her beautiful low tox life philosophy – and how it’s important for us to give what we can to low tox living. We don’t have to join a movement or become the next Gandhi, but we can make simple and affordable low tox choices right now.

Low tox living could be our food choices, what we put on our skin or around our home, or it could even be our mindset.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” — Theodore Roosevelt

Snapshot of this episode

  • The origins of Alexx’s insatiable enthusiasm
  • Making a difference with our wallets each day
  • The ability to relax and chip away with daily actions – without the pressure
  • Alexx’s approach to low tox living
  • Saying no to plastic
  • Switching to spray-free foods or organic where possible
  • Doubling your vegetable-intake
  • The catalyst for Alexx turning her family organic in a week
  • Making positive health and food choices even while money is tight
  • Finding excitement in low tox living, without the overwhelm
  • How one person can make an enormous difference
  • Tips for anyone navigating overwhelm in the face of the “ginormous” issues
  • Conversation starters: Inviting curiosity through small changes and choices
  • An alternative approach which does not involve preaching to other people
  • What Alexx loves about seeing people transition to the low tox life
  • Suffering anxiety or illness but finding courage to do work that matters
  • What gives Alexx the courage to continue this movement
  • How we owe it to each other to be involved with a cause
  • The empowering impact of Alexx’s growing community

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