Kate Alexandra – Tuning Into the Body’s Wisdom and Creating Space for Radical Self Care

Kate Alexandra – Tuning Into the Body’s Wisdom and Creating Space for Radical Self Care



In this episode, I speak with Kate Alexandra of the Radical Self Care Project.

Kate’s a multi-passionate YogaMama of two and Yogipreneur based in Sydney.

The moment I met Kate I fell in love with her approach to women’s health and empowerment. Kate has a beautiful way of creating sacred space for wholehearted learning through embodiment and she empowers her students to tune into their bodies and connect with their highest potential.

The Radical Self Care Project is a nourishing program for women, founded on the philosophies of yoga, mindfulness and the wisdom of seasons and cycles. Doors open again in mid 2017.

What is Radical Self Care?

What makes self care RADICAL? We often feel guilty about self-care because we worry we’re self-indulging or putting our needs above others; when that need not be the case.

It’s radical due in part because of the guilt and, if taken seriously, it asks us to go beyond our ideas of what it means to be well and nourished. There’s a beautiful level of self love, awareness and listening that we can access through self care and I love the way Kate guides her students to get clear on what the body, mind, emotional self, and spiritual self needs for personal sustainability as a journey and process.

I have experienced the powerful results of the RSCP process and I recommend digging in.

Snapshot of this episode

Kate’s reading: Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

  • An explanation of yoga nidra
  • Unlocking stories within the body
  • Yoga as a way of letting go
  • The impact of insomnia and anxiety postpartum
  • Post birth recovery and the healing power of yoga nidra
  • Surrender and experience of self awareness
  • Kate’s “magnum opus” and the catalyst for RSCP
  • Coming into relationship with her own self care
  • Making life-changing decisions and creating boundaries
  • The deepening and intermingling of self worth, self love and self care
  • Practical steps to tune into and listen to the body’s needs
  • Focus of serving others and reacting to the urgency
  • Self love and creating a positive change in the world
  • Building resilience through practice
  • Learning acceptance and maintaining focus when obstacles arise
  • Experiencing ourselves through connection

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