Lina Hayes – How One Moment Can Change A Life: On Conscious Living and Keeping It Real Through Photography

Lina Hayes – How One Moment Can Change A Life: On Conscious Living and Keeping It Real Through Photography

“We are fragile creatures, and it is from this weakness, not despite it, that we discover the possibility of true joy.” ― Desmond Tutu

In this episode, I speak with Lina Hayes of Wild at Heart Photography.

I am not sure where to start with Lina! She’s an amazing self-taught photographer from Sydney with acclaimed work in landscape photography and wedding photography. I’ve long admired the high calibre of photography that she produces – and the powerful stories behind what she shares.

There’s beauty in what Lina talks about and the fact her Wild at Heart story begins from such a confronting moment of fragility. Throughout our conversation, I felt a lost for words but I hope the podcast speaks for itself. It was a real pleasure to sit down with Lina and discuss our shared passions.

In a nutshell, we speak about the importance of making the most of our lives while we’ve got them and capturing real moments and stories with an underlying respect for slow, conscious living. Something that I treasure and I am sure you do too.

I hope you love this conversation as much as I enjoyed having it.

Thank you, Lina. You’re top notch!

Snapshot of this episode

Lina’s reading: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

  • Lina’s passion for storytelling and capturing moments through photography
  • A severe case of the travel bug and the inspiration behind it
  • “Colouring” outside the norm and the origins of Lina’s creativity
  • The life-changing catalyst behind Wild at Heart Photography
  • Blessings in disguise: Lina’s dramatic start in the industry
  • The privileges and pleasures of documenting local, interstate and international weddings
  • Mistakes, pleasures and lessons learnt from photography
  • Lina’s respect and love for simplicity, slow living and mindfulness
  • Enjoying each day and taking the time to slow down
  • The pressure of living in an always on society and stepping outside that
  • Taking inspiration and time to exercise: the power of moments away from work
  • Photography’s ability to inspire positive actions and adventures
  • Mindful wedding tips and wisdom for creating an authentic wedding
  • The beauty of an unplugged wedding
  • The joy of working with like-minded clients
  • Where Lina finds the courage to swim against the current
  • How Lina starts each day and finds strength within her lifestyle decisions and attitude
  • The driving forces behind Lina’s work and the motivation to keep doing it

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