Why you won’t find nudies here…

Why you won’t find nudies here…

Watching A Current Affair‘s segment on women + strength training got me thinking…

One of the most common ways to gain traction online and promote fitness messages or businesses, is to share half-nudies with abs and booties peaching out. Just check out JP Sears video: https://goo.gl/SBexmU Hashtag #INSTAGRAMFAMOUS!! *

Butt (pun intended)… You won’t find that here, sorry.

The thing is, if I start showing my ass, I don’t want you to listen to me. I also don’t want to show my ass so that you will. I want you to learn to listen deep within YOU instead.

Think about just how confusing it is subconsciously… to see the half nudies of truly BEAUTIFUL women, with the messages that their method is “not” based on appearance and that they don’t adhere to an ideal… when their images tell a different story. While their message is nice, I know for me that scrolling my feeds with images like that does NOT nourish me and I start feeling hints of inadequacy.

What effect is it having on you?

My wish as a coach-in-training is to empower my tribe from the SOUL-OUTWARDS and genuinely promote the positive effects of strength-training, healthy lifestyles, and nutritious eating BEYOND the body and to see YOU as a WHOLE.

It doesn’t sound as damn sexy as it is…

But it damn well is, because it’s YOU.

While aesthetic results ARE a brilliant side-effect of efficient strength training for example, it’s still far too easy to fall into the trap of how your body should be or look – and for me, as the coach, to accidentally promote an unrealistic ideal!

I want to help you find what matters to YOU.

I LOVE to see you feeling EMPOWERED…


FREE from the mind’s shackles…

Or riding its waves like the surfer you can be!

I want you to see the incredible strength you have.

And as a result, connect with something extraordinary… whether it’s a gift you have, a career, a relationship, if not just the relationship you have with yourself.

You’re worth it.

Won’t you admire you?

I do.

While I am not currently advertising times to train with me while I finish my Personal Trainer course, message me if you can see yourself training with me in the near future or if you’d like to get started straight away, I know people. So get in touch. Email me at julie@juliefreeman.com.au.

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