What is your reason for keeping fit?

On the way up the hill from Berowra towards Cowan yesterday, I remembered a moment about 5 years ago, when I said to myself, “I will never be this unfit again.” What prompted it?

I was out with my fire brigade and we were completing a navigation exercise on the same hill we walked yesterday. My fit colleagues were bolting up the hill and I was lagging behind, feeling completely and utterly exhausted. Sure I have short legs, but it was a physical and mental incapacity that I couldn’t stand.

It was a feeling I truly despised, but such great motivation…

I imagined how this would play out in a real-life emergency. Would it be okay for me to be this unfit? No way…

It wouldn’t just be incredibly hard for me in a situation like that – with fast action required – I would be letting my team down and that would be unacceptable and potentially life-threatening for us all.

Even though no one said anything, it was a lesson I’ll never forget!

It was a moment of motivation and awakening – and though I’m still no mountain lion, I am grateful for every opportunity to stay fit and reminders of how important it is for me, but also people around me.

It’s my feeling that one of the best ways we can care for others is to care for our fitness and maintain it at the highest level we can…

That doesn’t mean someone else’s highest level, but our own.

I will never be as fit or fast as others, but I can improve my fitness and hopefully be in the best state I can be to carry out my life in service.

I am grateful for the fire brigade and the fit and strong leaders who, without even knowing, taught me many reasons to stay fit – and helped prompt me into the life-changing action of maintaining my fitness!



Would you like to be fit as a fiddle to fight fires with determination and strength?


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